Cinnamon in Ubuntu 15.10: problem connecting to projector


Hi All,

I just installed the cinnamon DE on top of Ubuntu gnome 15.10 on my dell XPS 13.

Today I was teaching a class and connected my laptop as usual to the projector, however, it wouldnt detect my display. I had to log out, then back to gnome and it worked. That was a bit stressful… It always worked with gnome, why shouldnt it work with cinnamon???

I switched 100% to linux only few months ago, but things mostly worked out fine, except for these types of ups and down.

Any idea how I could trouble shoot this? I like the cinnamon desktop but cant install any other version of Ubuntu (or Mint actually) as I have a piece of software (Matlab) that I cant get easily installed on this laptop.

Thanks for any help. :p

Just a hint for trouble shooting would be helpful.

Is this a typical driver problem, or does anyone have problems using cinnamon on multiple displays…?

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