Plagued by some kind of browser adware


Since a few days ago I am randomly getting annoying popups like casino sites when using Google Chrome. Some url’s also seem hijacked. For a while I had tried reaching some of my favourite sites but I was directed to spam sites. I can’t pinpoint the cause. I have removed almost all my Chrome extensions but the problem persists. I had the url hijack problem with Chrome on my android phone as well. I can use Chrome for several hours without problem then suddenly it starts throwing me a lot of spam popups and It’s very annoying. I have never seen such a behaviour in a GNU/Linux environment before.

I am using an updated 64bit Ubuntu 16.04 installation with the latest Google Chrome.
Frogs Hair

You may have something hidden in the browser cache. Have totally cleared browsing data from the begging of time ? If not make sure to included cached images and files.

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