Window Action Buttons


I haven’t used Ubuntu in a few years but I am impressed with 16.04. Nice and fast.

However, using a 23″ Monitor, the Window Action Buttons are quite small for numb hands. I have been searching for two days to enlarge or change the ‘action buttons’ so they are larger. I am inclined to use 16.04 if I can get those buttons larger or a theme that will do it for me. I know said action buttons can’t be moved to the right, but I can live with that.

Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.

Do you mean the Close, Minimise, & Maximise buttons? Go to System Settings>Screen Display and see the slider labelled Scale for menu and title bars. The default is 1. Increase the scale to something suitable and then click Apply.



Thanks, grahammechanical. Needed to know this too.


Thanks, just what I was looking for.


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